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The Power Of Geothermal Heating And Cooling

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What’s Buried In Your Yard?

            Some people look at their lawn and see a source of pride. A place for children and pets to run and play. A place to hold picnics, practice putting and entertain friends. Or a place that needs mowing, trimming and weeding. But how many people think of their lawn as a constant, renewable source of heating and cooling for their home?

            With a geothermal heating and cooling system, your lawn becomes a permanent power plant for your home. You’ll enjoy the benefits of the most comfortable, reliable, energy and cost effective heating, cooling and water heating system available on the market today.

How Does It Work?

            The earth absorbs almost 50% of all solar energy and remains a nearly constant temperature of 50 to 70 degrees depending on your geographic location. Working with an underground loop system, geothermal systems utilize this constant temperature to exchange energy between your home and the earth as needed for heating and cooling.

            In winter, water circulating inside a sealed underground loop system absorbs heat from the earth and carries it to the geothermal unit. Here it is compressed to a higher temperature and sent as warm air to your indoor system for circulation throughout your home.

In the summer, the system reverses and expels heat from your home into the cooler earth via the loop system. This heat exchange process is not only natural, but is a natural and highly efficient way to create a comfortable climate in your home.

There are several loop configurations available. They can either be vertical, horizontal or submerged in a nearby pond or lake. The best application will depend on the characteristics of your property.

Save Some Bucks, Save The Planet

            This is the best news. With the installation of a geothermal unit, your monthly utility bills will be lowered dramatically, leaving more savings for you and your family. With a geothermal system, an average home can save you up to 70% on current home heating and cooling costs compared to those with a conventional system.

            Endorsed by both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy, geothermal technology is one of the most efficient and environmentally safe heating and cooling options available.

Breathe Easy

            Currently, household energy consumption for space conditioning is responsible for nearly 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Geothermal technology can provide a viable and cost effective solution to reduce this environmental hazard. 

Interested in learning more about the advantages of geothermal heating and cooling? We proudly offer the Bosch line of Geothermal heating and cooling systems and are ready to answer any questions you may have! Give MacGregor a call for more information 231-526-9633!  Schedule your complete Geothermal System Installation before November 15th and receive $750 Off! Plus ask us about a 30% Federal Tax Credit available. Renewable, Affordable Energy!

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