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HVAC Inspections - What's It Really All About?

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Many furnace manufacturers require regular maintenance of HVAC systems as part of their parts and/or labor warranty. Some homeowners think if the system is working ok, they’re good to go for the next season. It is important to have your system inspected every six months (once for the furnace and once for the AC).

A trained service technician knows how to spot danger signs in the system. Incomplete fuel combustion and high flue gas temperatures are the main causes of low heating efficiency. A competent service technician will perform a variety of tests to measure the combustion efficiency of your system both before and after inspection. The service technician should also clean and check (replacing if necessary) the burner, combustion chamber, heat exchanger surfaces, oil line filter and flue pipe. Pumps and fans should be lubricated if necessary. With boilers, the technician should take time to remove sediment from boiler and steam lines, as well as checking the fan thermostat on warm air systems. Otherwise the fan may operate longer than necessary, wasting energy.

The benefits to having the system reviewed every six months can include lower utility bills, fewer repairs, less emergencies when heating/cooling goes out suddenly and protecting your warranty if you ever need to put it into effect.

While heating inspections can be done at any time, early fall is the most important time for most home owners to schedule these visits. Many home owners have their fall heating inspection done as part of an annual service agreement. Service agreement customers receive priority in scheduling and discount pricing for any repairs not covered by the agreement. A service agreement also is a good way to ensure you don’t forget about scheduling regular heating maintenance. If you are interested in a Service Agreement Plan, be sure to ask the Customer Service Representative when you schedule your Furnace Inspection appointment! 231-526-9633

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