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Julie Wieman, Owner

I joined the staff at MacGregor in September 1991. Some of my duties include overall operational management, plumbing estimating and hiring. What I like best about my job are the people – our customers and employees. Everyday is challenging, there is always something new. I am married and we have 3 children. We also have 3 dogs, chickens and a chinchilla. I enjoy playing on Trout Lake in the summer with my kids, enjoying friends, movies, clothes, shopping and traveling.

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Mike Wieman, Quality & Assurance Manager

I joined the staff at MacGregor in January 1996. Some of my duties include keeping MacGregor at a high standard as well as keeping our customers and employees happy. What I like best about my job is working with people and solving issues. I am married and I have 5 children. We have 3 dogs. I enjoy stock car racing, hunting, fishing and old cars.

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Eva, Office Manager

I joined the staff at Macgregor in August 1995. Some of my duties include accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and marketing. What I like best about my job are the people I work with, family friendly atmosphere and making our customers happy. I am married, have 2 children and a dog named Bailey. I enjoy gardening, reading, sports and being a mom.

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Leslie, Dispatcher

I joined the staff at MacGregor in February 2005. Some of my duties include dispatching service techs, scheduling, answering phones, service calls, SPP contracts, Service Technician payroll, on-call schedule & tool accounts. What I like best about my job is getting to help people out in their time of need, comforting customers and letting them know we can always help. I am married, have 3 kids and a new puppy named Finn.  I enjoy bowling, volleyball and spending time with family.

Contact Debbie

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Debbie, Customer Service Representative

I joined the staff at MacGregor in October 2012. Some of my duties include answering phones, scheduling maintenance calls and some paperwork. What I like best about my job is learning new things, talking to the customers and the camaraderie of the staff at MacGregor. I am a single mother of 2 kids. I enjoy baking, knitting, art history and theatre.


Contact Harry

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Harry, Comfort Consultant

I joined the staff at MacGregor in November 2008. Some of my duties include HVAC sales and job follow up after the installs. What I like best about my job is that MacGregor is a very fair company and have been around for 50 years! I am married and have 3 children. I enjoy golf.

(231) 526-9633

James Jr., HVAC Installer

James joined the MacGregor team in June 2018. James likes learning new skills, and doing something different every day. He likes to meet new people and enjoys working outside.

James likes to spend time with his family, ride his motorcycle and work out.

He and his girlfriend have two young children. James has been in Northern Michigan for about 10 years.

(231) 526-9633

John, Service Technician

What John enjoys most about working at MacGregor is helping customers everyday by giving them exceptional service. John has lived in Michigan for 11 years. He  has two children, and 5 cats. In his free time John likes to go fishing and kayaking.


(231) 526-9633

Nic, Service Technician

I joined the MacGregor staff on January 16th, 2017. I am a licensed journeyman plumber and service technician, whose duties include all types of HVAC and plumbing service work. What I enjoy most about my job is the wonderful team members here at MacGregor. I am married to my wonderful wife Gina. We have three children and have lived in the area for since 2005. My spare time is spent with my family, and when I find the time I enjoy playing Frisbee Golf.

(231) 526-9633

Dan, Service Technician

Dan is a service technician for MacGregor. He enjoys challenging technical problems. Dan likes to resolve anything complicated & electrical. He grew up in Mackinaw City and now after a few years away has returned to Northern Michigan. In his free time he works on his car, rides motorcycles, and builds electronic devices (like routers & printers).

(231) 526-9633

James, Service Technician

James joined the MacGregor team in May 2018. James’ job duties include all types of HVAC and plumbing service work. James quickly learned all aspects of being a service technician. One of the things James likes about his work is the sense of accomplishment from a job well done. James likes hiking, spending time in his garage and spending time with his grandchildren. He also likes to bake and have old fashioned Sunday dinners. James has two adult children, two grandchildren and two dogs. He has lived most of his life in Northern Michigan.

(231) 526-9633

Noodin, Apprentice

Noodin is an HVAC  helper at MacGregor Plumbing and enjoys the excitement of a new career path. He is a quick learner and doing well on one of our install teams. He enjoys working with his hands, fishing and drawing.

(231) 526-9633

Cameron, Service Technician Apprentice

Cameron is a service technician apprentice. He has a good work ethic, is mechanically inclined and has the willingness to learn. Cameron likes customer interaction, helping people and solving problems. He likes to help his co-workers. He enjoys welding, spending time with his family and working on his bike. Cameron has lived in northern Michigan for 10 years.


(231) 526-9633

Mike, Inventory

Mike joined the MacGregor team in February 2020. Mike’s duties include accurate inventory control. This is working with parts & quantities and making sure parts are assigned and counted accurately.  Mike’s favorite part of his job is dealing with parts counting and being accurate.

Mike likes to golf in his spare time, he also enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking and camping.


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    – Timothy Manning
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