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Heat Pump FAQ

Why is my heat pump blowing cold air?

Because a person’s body temperature is 98.6 degrees, a heat pump running at a normal 90 degrees may feel cold to the touch. Even though this is cold to the touch, it is sufficient to heat your home to 70 degrees. As long as your thermostat is registering normally, your system is most likely running normally.

Does my heat pump have an emergency heat setting?

Most likely. However, because emergency heat is a powerful source of heat and very expensive, it is typically only used if an outdoor pump has failed. Should you set the heat to the ‘E’ setting, the emergency heat will come on automatically.

What can I do to protect my unit and how can I keep it clean?

Trim plants and bushes around the unit to provide at least twelve (12) inches of clearance for air flow. Keep pets away from the outdoor unit, as the acid in pet urine is a corrosive that will deteriorate the metal. Have the unit serviced annually to maintain cleanliness and ensure proper air flow.

My electric bill was sky high. What could this mean?

If the electric rates haven’t increased during that time period and you aren’t experiencing a colder than normal winter, this could indicate a problem with your system. Contained within the air handler on your heat pump system is a set of electric heaters that serve as a back up to your outdoor unit during the winter months. If the outdoor unit isn’t working properly, the electric heaters will run more frequently in order to meet the heating demand of the home. There are also controls involved with the operation of the electric heaters that may be malfunctioning and allowing the heaters to remain on even though there is no requirement for their operation.

What is the new environmentally friendly refrigerant?

PURON is a trademark name that represents refrigerant (R410A) and is environmentally friendly. It contains no chlorine atoms, which makes it less harmful to the environment. It is currently being introduced into the industry and is considered to be a long term alternative to current refrigerants in use today. New equipment is currently available which contains this environmentally friendly refrigerant.

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