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Harbor Springs 8th grade school trip

The 8th grade class is headed to Chicago for an educational field trip this spring. The class is too small to do the major fundraiser for its trip, which is the Mexican dinner. We were just hoping to get some support from the community to help the class make it to Chicago for the annual 8th Grade trip. Thank you for your consideration.

Hunger Hurts

Hunger Hurts consists of four youth food pantries that provide for the food insecure students of Harbor Springs and Petoskey. Hunger Hurts is working to alleviate the burden of hunger that causes these students both physical and emotional harm. The Hunger Hurts program offers middle and high school students’ supplementary food, snacks, school supplies, personal toiletries, and new clothing. The program also uses a number of adult volunteers that help students and encourage them to make healthier decisions in their daily lives. Hunger Hurts currently serves up to 130 teens every week. The pantries located in schools are set up like grocery stores to encourage the students to actively make positive choices that will affect the lives of them and their families.

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