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Vacuuming the floors is just one of those jobs that you have to do around the house. A central vacuum system can help you get through this chore with ease.  Central vacuum units are substantially less noisy than standard vacuums, they virtually eliminate escaping dust and dirt particles and they get rid of the need to drag a heavy vacuum unit all through the house.

A central vacuum unit uses a cleaning attachment attached to the end of a long, lightweight hose. There’s nothing to plug in!  When you insert the cleaning hose into a wall or floor receptacle, the vacuum turns on automatically. Dust and debris travel through the hose into a system of tubing that is hidden behind your walls, floors and in the attic.  A powerful suction unit delivers dirt and debris to a canister collection unit located in the basement, garage or utility room.  The motor and collector are more powerful than portable vacuums and have a larger capacity.  For this reason, they only need to be emptied a few times a year!

MacGregor is the area expert in central vacuum systems. We can show you how a central vacuum can save you time and create a cleaner, healthier environment in your home. Call us today for more information 231-526-9633.

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