Water Treatment Installation For
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MacGregor is your one stop source for water treatment options. From hard water to unsafe drinking water, MacGregor can help find the best solution that's right for your family.

Hard water interferes with every cleaning and cooking task, from laundry and dishwashing to bathing and cooking and drinking. You’ll value these and many other benefits:

• Cleaner dishes, china, silverware and glasses that are spot free and shiny clean
• Leaves your skin feeling smoother after bathing
• Clothes and linens are softer, cleaner and last longer
• Eliminates spots, streaks and scum on fixtures,
  tubs and showers
• Reduces soap scum
• Use 50% less laundry detergent, soap and dishwashing
   detergent, saving you money
• Tastes great right from the tap and is perfect for cooking
• Increases water heater efficiency by almost 30%
• Eliminates mineral build up in pipes and adds life to washing machines, dishwashers and
  water heaters

Water contaminants vary greatly based on your particular location. Your water quality can be affected by many factors including oil refinement, landfills, gasoline storage, farms, dry cleaners and factories as well as natural conditions like salt water. Here are a few indicators of bad water:

• Suspicious smells – chlorine, musty, rotten egg, gasoline
• Suspicious taste – metallic, salty, acidy
• Suspicious appearance – rusty, cloudy, discoloration your
  porcelain or cookware
• Blackening and pitting of steel sink
• Unfortunately, many toxins are colorless and tasteless

We’re water experts and can recommend the perfect solution for your home. Call MacGregor today with any questions or to schedule an appointment 231-526-9633.

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  • "John followed up to a previous visit. He promised to service and flush our water heater. For this follow up visit this past Monday 6/15/20, he arrived on time and quickly went to work. He not only flushed the water heater but also replaced the elements that were in bad shape. John was professional and extremely responsive and did an excellent job! " Read More
    – Timothy Manning
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